In 2020, when we were wiping down our groceries, the hospital workers were rolling up their sleeves. Now, two years later, the majority of us have had the luxury of the normalization of Covid. “It’s just something we have to learn to live with,” we hear on the streets and on the news. But our front line health care workers, those who choose to stay after watching their colleagues die or give up in droves, are still deep in the trenches. Vital medical workers have endured unimaginable circumstances, are burned out, stressed out and discouraged.

We 💙 Heroes is a simple idea. Non partisan. Non political. Businesses, large and small, contribute something of value from the heart, whatever they can to help make our healthcare workers lives a little brighter. They decide what it is. Could be free coffee on the way to the hospital, meals to the ER, someone to clean their house or even help cleaning up their credit score. Nothing is too small. If everyone gives a little, it means a lot.

Give a little to those who give everything.


Wendy Rubin

Founder Wendy Rubin, a serial entrepreneur, has a history of doing big and bold things. In 1995, she created the first online, independent CD store. More recently, she founded NY State’s only casino dealer school and currently has the only casino-themed Speakeasy in the county.

Wendy is no stranger to giving back: in March of 2020, she rented a 3 bedroom airbnb for NY Presby nurses to try and keep their families safe.  She is an ardent believer in, “it takes a village…”

Nathalia Velasquez

Social Media Director

Nathalia has a long history and dedicated passion for helping her local and large community. She believes in always having a helping hand available for those in need and is a part of her compassionate and giving nature to give back to those who need it. Nathalia attended the Mercy College for Business, Admin, and Marketing and worked in the hair industry for over 11 years before joining the We Love Heroes movement. Nathalia is enthusiastic about volunteering, and the people close to her have seen her in action for years. Most notably, she volunteered abroad in Poland as an English mentor to Polish children and adults who wanted to learn English: Most honorably, she volunteered during the catastrophe of Hurricane Sandy by providing free hair services to those who had lost everything in an effort to give them, “Just a little bit of happiness during dark times.” Nathalia is a team-minded individual, who is ready to make a change in the world by participating in We Love Heroes. She oversees Heroes’ Instagram and Facebook.

Lisa Lam

Client Success Director

Lisa Lam curated “Beyond Skin” by artist Norm Yip for Stonewall’s 50th anniversary for it’s New York City launch.  While working as Gallery Director for the East Hampton Gallery she specialized in contemporary art, sales and marketing along with business operations. Her tenure in NYC art scene includes charity events, digital arts and strong sponsorship relationships as well as teaching children art an arts program in Manhattan’s Ramaz Lower school She received her Arts Curation certification from the Node Center in Berlin. With over 10 years in digital sales and marketing in the IT space, Lisa has a strong background for all things digital. She currently lives in France and is spearheading Heroes’ Twitter and Linkedin.

Indira Wiegand

Operations Director

Indira Wiegand has a long and storied history of working behind the scenes on NYC’s small businesses. After graduating from NYU, Indira spent her life helping others organize and run their businesses before starting her own. Her skills involve structural organization, shipping & receiving, book-keeping, customer service, H&R and all the various components of what makes a business survive. Indira had been instrumental in Lev Reality, Exhibition Prints, Pink Cake Box Bakery, Ohne Titel (a fashion company), Barriere (designing masks) and Final Frontier Design (designing space suits, space gloves). After 25 years in business, Indira is the backbone behind Big Deal Ltd, The Syndicate and We 💙 Heroes.

Rebecca Chruchill

Business Development Director

Rebecca is a based in Europe and is a senior operations and change expert with over 25 years of broad cross sector experience, the last 9 years in Education where she has worked internationally in undergraduate, post graduate and executive education as well as English Language learning. Prior to that she has worked in Healthcare in the UK as a Hospital Director of a couple of private hospitals. She is bringing her passion, resilience and leadership skills to We 💙 Heroes to help deliver a win win for everyone taking part.

Naquan Jacobs

Social Media Manager

People describe Naquan Jacobs as a social butterfly: easy to speak with and he holds an energy that can fill the room with joy. He has a passion for social media, learning new things and web design. Outside of being a food enthusiast and escape room specialist,  he puts his love for making new connections with others into making social media content for We 💙 Heroes.

Mark Boltruczuk

Social Media Manager

Mark was born in Poland and emigrated to the US in 2004, where he received associate degree in “Design for Web.” He is tech savvy and brings his passion to  Graphic design and Marketing. He spends his free time traveling, fishing and doing computer graphics for We 💙 Heroes. Mark lives with his wife and 2 children in Greenwich, Connecticut where he works as Digital Marketing Specialist.

Claire Yoo

Claire Yoo is currently a high school student at NVOT. She enjoys helping others and forming new connections. She is excited to put her social media skills to work as part of the social media team here at We 💙 Heroes. She is passionate about giving back and very excited to help health care workers!